About Us and  the Directory

We are a privately run company – set up solely with the objective of benefiting the local community, and we are investing our own capital to get it started and once it covers its administrative costs and achieves profitability, every penny generated over the lowest possible running charges will be devoted to local good causes, and the benefits of the district.

However, we want you to get something in return for your subscription, and with this in view, we are giving you certain advantages and special terms from local businesses, who have come forward to help, and whom we would like you to support in return for their undertaking to give you, and you alone as a member, special discounts and favoured terms.

Because we need your continued support in the future, we are not seeking short-term donations. We need your undertaking to remain a Directory, and Community member, to achieve our goal and to help assist those in need.

You can view and obtain our prospectus and joining form from us, or one of our many participating businesses, or you can use our website to sign up. You will then be listed in an entirely new and different directory, initially on-line, but later in printed format, featuring members of the community and giving their mobile and land-line numbers, e-mail, and two alternative numbers to help trace them in an emergency. Your name and initials are all that are necessary for you to be in The Directory, and you provide us as much other information as you wish if you want your address or phone number to appear. Our website will tell any callers to leave a number to ring them back.

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU – We found out the need for a Directory featuring mobile numbers in particular, when we heard of two separate incidents in ten days. In the first one, the husband had a heart attack at work, and was taken to RUH, and his wife’s mobile was off/out of charge and she was on a shopping trip with her best friend. She could have been found as a member of The Directory, because it gives two alternate contact numbers for just such an occasion.

In the second instance, a boy from a farm was injured cycling home from school, nobody knew his mother’s mobile number. When he didn’t come home, she eventually called the Police who told her to go to the A&E in Frome. For peace of mind and for the sake of loved ones, for emergency contact and for every day social calls, the Directory will be invaluable.

The last British Telecom phone book has appeared, it wasn’t free, you paid for it as part of your considerable telephone bill, similarly we have to charge, but we want you to have some benefits in return so you will be card holding community members and receive all kinds of discounts and perks, from local businesses who have come forward to help support local good causes. They will be featured on our special benefits list and we are going to ask you to do your very best to direct your custom to them.

You can join for yourself as one person for one subscription. If you are husband and wife or two persons at the same address, one subscription covers you both as two members.

VOLUNTEERS – We would like to hear from any members who might like to be informed from time to time of occasional opportunities to be of help with some simple tasks in administration or for assisting with any problems experienced by people in difficult circumstances. We will keep a register for this purpose in our office. Write, e-mail, or phone 01985 221579.